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Open Source Instant Rest Data API for databases.

Unlock data, Accelerate development of secured, intelligent applications by 30x

No Code DB Access Layer

Programming database access layer involves writing lots of boilerplate code. It is often combined with connection leak, transactional inconsistency, inefficient data batching, data leak and SQL injection issues. With DB2Rest never worry about these concerns again.


Accelerate Application Delivery

Database access logic typically consumes 30% of the total application development time. With DB2Rest instant REST API can boost development by 30x. Focus now on solving business logic and crafting beautiful UI.

Unlock Legacy Data

DB2Rest can securely unlock legacy databases. Thus you can rapidly innovate and modernize by building new applications, integration and machine learning datasets.

Blazing Fast

DB2Rest is blazing fast - No Object Relational Mapping (ORM) overhead, Single Database round-trip, no code generation or compilation, Database Query Caching and batching.

Easy to Use

DB2Rest was designed from the ground up to be easily installed and used to get your backend or frontend integrations up and running quickly.

Run Anywhere

DB2Rest can be installed and run on premise bare-metals, Virtual Machines (VM), Docker, Kubernetes, Any cloud.